Estonian Baseball and Softball Federation meeting

A meeting of board of Estonian Baseball and Softball Federation will be held on 12th of October at 19:00 at Keila Tervisekeskus. Every member of board and representatives of teams are invited to take part. There will be an election of the new board for the Federation and plans for 2012 season will be set. The current Estonian Baseball Championship rules and licence fee will be reviewed among other things.

Topics include:

  1. Participating teams in 2012 Estonian Baseball Championship, which baseball fields are being used for competitions
  2. Conditions for baseball fields, how they should be prepared for competitions
  3. Licence fee for players
  4. 2010 finance report
  5. Responsibilities for Estonian Baseball Championship:
    1. Umpires
    2. Statistics
    3. Umpire fees
    4. How many games will be played
  6. Changes in Estonian Baseball Championship rules
  7. Training of young baseball players, existing clubs should have teams of young players
  8. Season ending celebration event
  9. Joining CEB
  10. Membership fees for CEB and IBAF