Kiili Panthers are the Estonian baseball champions of 2011

On 10th of September Kiili Panthers won the finals over Sox Baseball, without losing a single game in the season. This was already the third Estonian Championship title for Kiili Panthers. The second place belongs to Sox Baseball from Keila.

In the first game of the finals young talented Panther Kristjan Ojasaar threw 14 strikeouts holding Sox on 1 run. On the other hand Panthers kept scoring against Tommy Markus, the starter of Sox. The game ended with 24:1 to Panthers. In the second game of the finals Kristjan Kruus took the mound, Sox also made several pitcher changes, but the game was pretty similar to the first one. By the sixth inning the rain got too heavy, so the umpire decided to stop the game and declared Panthers the winners and champions of 2011 season with 14:2 on the scoreboard. After that, the teams were awarded with medals.

2011 season was quite hectical. In the beginning of the season 5 teams entered the competition, three of them veterans (Kiili Panthers, Sox Baseball and Keila Pitbulls) and two new teams (Kostivere Amigos and Tallinn Baseball Club). Not far into the season Pitbulls had to drop out for several reasons, so 4 teams remained. Every team had two matches with each other - one home and one away game. The ranking was decided by wins. Kiili Panthers earned a place in the finals with 6 wins, but deciding the second finalist wasn't as easy. Both Tallinn Baseball Club and Sox Baseball won 3 games. In that situation another game between the two teams was held that was to decide the second finalist. Sox won the game 11:9 to face Kiili Panthers in the finals and Tallinn Baseball Club ended up playing for the third place with Kostivere Amigos.


1. Kiili Pantrid
2. Sox Baseball
3. Kostivere Amigos
4. Tallinna Pesapalliklubi